Hello there! Bet you're wondering who we are! Check out the 'About Us' page to find out exactly who we are and what we're about. What are we doing here? Well, that's a good question. To put it plainly, we're roamers. We are two couples, ages 27-32 years old, who have quit their jobs, and have taken off for an undetermined amount of time on an almost entirely unplanned trip around the world. We’re here to tell you how we're roaming, and to hear about how you yourself roam.

Reviews? We got 'em. Photos? Check. Video? Donezo. Travel tips? No doubt. Killer blogs? You know it.

Ready. Set. Roam.

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    A Week of Nature Ecuador Style: Part 2

    24 May, 2015 | by Jen Hays

      Baños I really had no idea what to expect when arriving into Baños. I knew that there was some sort of swing with a cool vie…

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    Useful Items You May Not Think About Packing

    24 May, 2015 | by Elissa Sundman

    This is just a little list of the random items that I have found crazy useful, that you may not see on most packing lists, nor m…

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    21 May, 2015 | by Teague O'Connell

    Where is Uruguay? Do you even know? Well it’s in South America sandwiched between Brazil and Argentina. It’s the second smallest…

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    A Week of Nature Ecuador Style: Part 1

    20 May, 2015 | by Jen Hays

      Looking back on our last week in the Quito area of Ecuador, there is no way to do it without thinking to myself, “that was su…

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    Free walking tours/tours for tips are awesome

    16 May, 2015 | by Teague O'Connell

    As a backpacker, nothing catches your eye like the word “free.” It could be “free toast dropped on the floor butter-side up” and…

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